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InnoVision is YOUR Strategic Marketing Team

When it comes to your company, success is not an option.  To plan for success, all of your marketing materials have to do much more than look good – they have to attract and deliver measurable results.  InnoVision is unlike other providers in many ways, leading with the fact that we know how to identify, target and deliver “the bottom line.”  Even companies that have a marketing department use InnoVision, to gain the expertise, extra skillsets and the all-channel approach to marketing that today’s digital market requires.

Why InnoVision?

There is no question that it is difficult to choose a company to help you with your marketing needs. If anything, it is a roll of the dice to see if a company can take your vision, needs and objectives and turn it into a results-producing action plan that delivers.  The real measurement of a successful marketing plan is sales – and this is where we rise above.  A pretty web site doesn’t close a deal – we do.

Out of the Box

When it comes down to it, there are skills we can learn and things we are just born with.  With so many personality tests revealing the many ways that we are all innately different, a creative brain is one of those things you are born with. InnoVision solutions are designed with a balance of extreme creativity, technical savvy, business tenure, industry experience and actionable follow-through.  Global experience and executive savvy enable us to harnesses unleashed creativity to help get companies out of their confines of historical routine.

Success Monitoring

You hire a marketing company to establish and claim your company footprint, grow revenues, automate your inbound sales funnel and add efficiencies to the entire communications function.  In our initial consultation, we identify these key objectives and monitor results throughout the ongoing execution of your marketing plan. With the ability to monitor, adapt and flow with consumer trends, InnoVision helps keep your company on a steady plan for success.

Integrated Planning Session

Success starts with a strategic marketing consultation that is designed to extract vision, objectives and intangible needs from the company’s key visionaries. Every company truly has its own DNA – its own blueprint for success.  We take the time to understand our clients’ vision and inner-mission… and with that we seek to define the end-picture of that accomplishment.  By understanding this true objective, we help architect a comprehensive annual plan, designed to help build the bridge for success.

Genetic Marketing Campaigns

In defining each company’s DNA and blueprint for success, we also identify key factors to target consumer demographics and the actions that trigger buying decisions.  We design customized campaigns that turn intangible goals into a creative solutions that integrate the latest technologies, trends and strategies to deliver targeted results.  With the expertise to customize solutions that use the right platforms and technologies for each client, we deliver an all-input-channel solution to reach each consumer demographic, where they are.

InnoVision is YOUR Marketing Department

Whether a company has no marketing department, one or two marketing staff or an entire department, InnoVision can fit hand-and-glove to meet any need.  InnoVision can deliver 20 people’s worth of skills and talents for less than the price of one employee – and yes it is a tax write off!  Whether a company needs backup for an existing staff, help getting through a periodic surge or even an entirely outsourced Marketing function, we can deliver.  Just call InnoVision “My Marketing Department”…we handle the rest.

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Why Companies Choose InnoVision

It’s Just Smart Business


Small Businesses typically have just one or two marketing staff – or none at all. We oftentimes find owners trying to do it all themselves, leaving no time to focus on their biggest priorities. The fact is, it’s expensive to have staff members…and a single person only has a few skillsets. For less than the cost of staff members, small companies can leverage the skills of an entire marketing department – and it’s a tax write-off!

Medium-Sized Companies often have a few staff members in the marketing department. But when those staff members are bogged down with daily efforts, it’s hard to get creative and proactive with new marketing strategies. Your InnoVision Marketing department can help your existing staff with proactive planning, inbound sales generation, and offer you access to skillsets and technologies that this current staff doesn’t have. We customize a budget and delivery to match your unique needs. You can also add a staff member when needed…or add an entire department for less.



Large Companies often tend to do the same thing the same way and sometimes need a boost, seeing things in new ways, targeting new consumers, leveraging new technologies, automating sales processes, or just backing up their existing departments. From social media and sales training to brochures and annual reports, InnoVision provides you with access to all marketing, creative, and technology skillsets to support your strategic initiatives. InnoVision is your extended marketing and sales staff or…YOUR marketing department.

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